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From: Dr. Erich Breitenmoser

For those of you who have never heard of me, let me be so bold as to tell you a little about myself.

I have been called the “chiropractor millionaire maker,” because of my reputation for helping chiropractors from all walks of life … double, or even triple their practice incomes within 90 days or less.

I have seen as many as 1,000 patient visits a week and collected as much as $183,792.13 in a single month in my own practice.

Currently, I am still in practice in the trenches although I am now considered semi-retired in practice because I am only working 12 hours a week. This work schedule is due to my commitment in helping other doctors achieve their dream practice.

My clients range from solo practitioners to multi doctor clinics. Here are just a few examples:

There’s the young doctor who came to me after just two years in practice having been with another consultant.

In less than 90 days, he doubled his collections (not services, but actual money collected) with the same two CAs, while lowering his overhead. He now only works 23 hours a week (whereas he was working 36 hours in the office before he came to me).

How about the doctor who lives in a small town and went from seeing 52 patient visits a week to 550 patient visits a week, and easily collecting over a Million Dollars?

Or, there’s the doctor who I helped ‘tweak his ROF’ and now he is collecting upwards of $15,000.00 more a month, all from just that one little thing I told him how to do….and the list goes on and on.

My “NO Beating Around The Bush.” Approach Aggravates Many,
But Enriches Those Who
Act On The Advice

Quite frankly, I don’t profess to being easy to deal with.

I am proud of the fact that some people call me blunt, straightforward, and almost totally lacking in diplomacy. But still, I have a number of clients and hundreds and hundreds of members who have been with me as long as eight years, including many who simply will not make a practice-related move without my guidance or input.

Now, I’m not telling this to scare you or impress you, but to impress upon you just how powerful the strategies and techniques that I teach can be to you.

So, if you are interested in doing what you do, faster, easier, more profitably….

#1 : You will receive THE PRACTICE WEALTH NEWSLETTER. Each issue is at least 4 packaged pages. Current members refer to it as a day-long intense seminar in print, arriving by ‘first class mail’ every month.

There are always new marketing ideas, timely marketing news, trends, ongoing teaching of my most important strategies, a continuing provocative and occasionally even entertaining conversation with me….and more.

We cover every imaginable marketing and moneymaking tool and opportunity, from dirt cheap postcard promos, to the Internet, copy intensive ads, in-house promotions, Retention Strategies, financial strategies, money making opportunities outside of chiropractic as shown in xn xx 69…Look, it’s LOADED!



Before joining Dr. Erich we were collecting about $8,000- 12,000 per month. After 3 months, last WEEK I collected $11,371! We did in a week what we used to do in a month! I practice in a small town of about 2,500 people. This system works anywhere!” Thanks & God Bless. Dr. Caleb
“The very next month after joining I collected over $40,180, which was a new record. In 2009, I collected over $66,800/month (on average), and I work less hours then when I was making $30,000.” Dr. Jon

Many members tell me that my newsletter is the ONLY publication that they get where they STOP whatever they’re doing at home and bolt the door if necessary to read, with highlighter in hand. It’s that important and valuable to them.

But Wait…There’s Plenty More!!!

#2 : As a Gold Member, you will receive my Live Recording CD’s of all Telecoaching calls. Plus, you’ll also get my commentary during these “live recorded” calls. If nothing else, use these CD’s to turn commuting hours into power thinking hours, where you can listen and learn at the same time. Time is money therefore you shouldn’t waste it.

I also send bonus CD’s throughout the year.  These are my exclusive interviews with successful doctors, users of my ‘practice wealth system’, leading experts in chiropractic and famous business authors and speakers.

#3 : Build a strong relationship through constant, emotional contact with my MONTHLY PATIENT NEWSLETTER. You will receive my newsletter on a disk in Word format around the 15 th of the month prior to the newsletter issue.

Dollar for dollar, pound for pound … NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING else you can ever do will have as much positive impact on your practice in so many different ways as sending out monthly patient newsletters…that are personalized. And the failure to do it, leaves the fence around your herd (patients) weak, fragile, and easy for the other doctors in town to breech. All business is really about RELATIONSHIP, not core competency or services.

“Thanks for the great newsletter. I started sending out your patient newsletter in November of 2006 right after the Boot camp and I have seen a steady rise in ROP’s(Return to Practice Patients). That November I had a total of 4 ROP’s. Now this month (February 07) I had 7 ROP’s. I also have 3 New Patients scheduled this week directly from the newsletter. I am looking forward to the best year ever!” Dr. Jay


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#4: You also get to attend my Special ‘Closed Door’ Live Teleseminar Calls with open Q&A time. These are calls where I go over the latest on what’s working in practice and also answer questions from members. This is where you have direct access to me. I mail a copy of each call to you on CD Every Month!

#5 : Weekly Patient Handouts. Stay connected with your patients, and educate them on what it is that you do. Handouts are emailed to you every Thursday. Just insert your name, print and you’ll have your handout for the week.

* Full List of Benefits Below


If at any time you want to cancel your membership, simply give us a call at (951)693-5777 or fax us a note at (951) 693-4627 and my office will STOP charging your credit card immediately.

No questions, no hassles, no hard feelings.

You must be completely satisfied. If not, I want you to cancel your membership.

Unless you are already perfectly happy with every aspect of your practice life – your new patients, your collections, your practice’ growth and stability, the way you get cheap mexico insurance for patients and the quality of those patients – why
wouldn’t you take advantage of this offer?

Practice smart,

Dr. Erich Breitenmoser

P.S. Wouldn’t it be great if all you have to do is listen to a CD or two and read my done for you strategies every month and things would start to click for you?

Well that’s what I am handing you on a silver platter.

Gold Membership Benefits

  • Dr. Erich’s Practice Wealth Newsletter.  This newsletter is unmatched by anyone in the profession. Full of good practice building tips, tricks, strategies, and ideas. Mailed directly to you each and every month
  • TWELVE special “closed door” live tele-seminars and telecoaching calls with Open Q&A Time. Dr. Erich reveals updated material, or new strategies that help his members make more money, even though they’re working less hours, with less stress.
  • CD of each monthly coaching calls. It’s suggested that you be on the calls for the Q & A sessions, but if you miss because of a scheduling issue, these CD’s are your back up. You’ll never miss another important call.
  • Ultimate Response Patient Newsletters. Completely done for you & sent to your office every month on CD-ROM disc. Just edit your contact info & mail it.
  • Weekly success e-mails. Dr. Erich gives you special updates via e-mail several times a week. Read them all because it only takes ONE GOOD IDEA to make you thousands of dollars over the course of a year.
  • Secret Membership Website.  Instant 24-hour online access to all newsletters, handouts, recordings and other helpful tools. You’re going to have full access to everything every other Gold member has access too.
  • Weekly Patient Handouts. Stay connected with your patients, and educate them on what it is that you do. Handouts are emailed to you every Thursday. Just insert your name, print and you’ll have your handout for the week.
  • 5% OFF West Coast Orders & WL Club Benefits. Extra 5% Discount on any West Coast Anti Aging orders (with minimum order of $200), plus FREE Weight Loss Club Member benefits to active West Coast buyers (if you have Dr. Erich’s WL Marketing Kit)
  • Discount for Seminars & Bootcamps + Special FREE Surprise Gift for joining plus extra bonuses (click join now)
“my retention has gotten better because people are more excited to be at my office”
Dr. Dan
“If you use this man’s system it’s going to work for you”
Dr. Erskine

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