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“We’ve been averaging $80,000/month since we joined Dr. Erich’s Program” ~ Dr. Bryan
“Things were so bad that my wife and I talked about  and getting a divorce, then 4 months ago I got Dr. Erich’s System and I’ve made more money in the last 4 months than I did all of last year – and I was able to take my family on a trip!, but because of the money shortage I had to always get help from brand new payday loan lenders who helped me meet all the spendings during my trip” ~ Dr. Richard “It’s amazing, we made $30,000 more just in the first few months, and set a new record by our 4th month”~ Dr. Kenna
“It’s easy, it’s stress-free and we’re closing prepays” ~ Dr. Thomas
“If you even implement 10% you can double or triple your practice”Dr. Bill
“I started in a 50ft. room in ghetto… now using Dr. Erich’s program I just moved into a 2,500 sq. ft. facility. ” – Dr. Stephanie

“I guarantee this will bring me an extra $100,000 – $200,000 this year ”
– Dr. Joseph

“I went from 20% conversion to 90% after using your Report of Findings”
– Dr. Glenn

“Implemented the ROF and it completely transformed my practice, I don’t know why – but IT WORKS!”~ Dr. Charles

“I really like his CD’s on
training staff… they cut down
the training aspect tremendously – I really like his ROF, his procedures are great – I highly recommend it for anybody “ ~ Dr. Tom
“since we incorporated the system our marketing has been great… we are getting a lot more referrals… our biggest month ever was over $90,000” ~ Dr. Brian “The seminars are exciting, they get me pumped and ready to go into the office Monday morning… it feels good to be a part of this type of group” ~ Dr. Steve
“I recently implemented the Dinner Workshop – I had my first last one last week, we had 26 people attend, 7 guests – 6 of them signed up on the spot to come in… and when they came in all 6 came in a pre-paid 6 months of care… I can see how profitable air conditioning scottsdale this is going to be”~ Dr. Jon
“Since Dr. Erich’s has come into our lives we’ve had our husband and father more, he’s more focused on family than working, and he’s not as terrified that the business is going to fail – it’s made our marriage better, it’s made our family better, it’s made our practice better”~ Wendy “I’ve been with Dr. Erich a couple of months and his system has changed my entire office from staff, to myself, to the patients, it’s a lot of fun to be there and my collections have gone up $10,000 a month in just that short time”~ Dr. Ron
“My income has tripled since we started with Dr. Erich’s system…we do a lot of the different marketing programs – Fibromyalgia, Lead Generation, Dinner Workshop, I just did a spectacle and we had 85 people show up and 42 new patients…Dr. Erich you’re the best”~ Dr. Mace
“Just within a month of starting with Dr. Erich I have increased my patient visits by 200 per month – I haven’t done that in years!”~ Dr. Kelly Made $103,738.00 More This Year Than The Year Before With This System! “Since using Dr Erich’s revolutionary system I increased my collection by $103,738.00 over the previous year and increased my patient visits by 98 a week. I am also working a lot less hours so I can spend more time with my family.”~ Dr. Ron
“We started a brand new practice – 0 patients, very little money for marketing – with Dr. Erich’s program in 5 months we are at 180 visits, collecting $40,000 per month”~ Dr. Jon “Using your ROF got me really re-focused and confident to ask for money for services… … we’ve collected an average of $15,000 more a month for the last 3 Months and I haven’t even used all the other stuff yet. Needless to say, I am very happy!”~ Dr. Ken
“We’ve been through consulting firms in the past and no one has made a bigger and more positive influence than Dr. Erich” ~ Anita
“As a result of Dr. Erich’s training I’ve had the best quarter I’ve EVER had in 26 YEARS!”
– Dr. James
“we increased our CASH receipts by $350,000 last year”
– Dr. Curt
“We’ve been able to buy our first house, our dreams are coming true, thanks Dr. Erich!”
– Dr. James
“Implementing just the ROF, doing nothing else – with patients I was already getting collections went from $25,000 to $52,000 per month. It’s changed my life.”
– Dr. John
“I was going under, this saved my office… can’t thank you enough”
– Dr. Richard
“It’s the best system I’ve ever seen, Dr. Erich is always on top of the latest marketing…it’s transformed our office ”
– Dr. Klein
“We were seeing 167 PV a week, now we’re seeing 272, collectiong have gone from $10k to $16k a week – the program has paid for itself”
– Dr. David
“I got the patient newsletter and I can’t recommend it enough, patients love it and it will bring you not only referrals but
contacts from other areas”
~ Dr. Jay
“I’ve been with Dr. Erich about 8 years and the ROF changed my life… that’s what broke it open for us – after that I just followed everything he said and it’s taken me well over $1,000,000”~ Dr. Rob
” …we’ve brought our office up to over 200 visits and doubled our collections… thanks Dr. Erich”~ Dr. Brad
“What it’s done for me is to simplify things, the first two visits are a lot easier and more consistent – it’s great for me and my staff.”~ Dr. Marc
” …the 5 minute ROF has really transformed my practice, we’re going well over $100,000 a month now and I really appreciate everything Dr. Erich is teaching”~ Dr. Hoon
“I’ve been working with Dr. Erich 4 years now. He helped me double the numbers on an existing practice that I sold-and at my new location I was up to $24,000 in 1.5 mths… it’s allowed us to be where we want to live in the lifestyle we want to live”~ Dr. Ryan
“now I’m able to spend quality time with my family that I haven’t been able to spend for years.”~ Dr. Don “I have Dr. Erich’s system, it’s fantastic, I haven’t even used the whole system and I have doubled my practice” ~ Dr. Nick
I Doubled My Practice In Just Over 6 Weeks. “I live in the Midwest and started out seeing between 150 – 200 patients a week. I saw an article in a Chiropractic Journal and decided to call about it. I talked with Dr. Erich and within 6 weeks of ordering his system, I was up to 350 patient visits a week. For the last 2 years I’ve maintained 600 patient visits a week (getting paid for every visit) and I’m only working 21 hours a week.”~ Dr. Chuck
Just got the system, and closed 3 yearly plans yesterday!
“I’ve had the system less than 1 week and I’ve already closed 3 yearly plans yesterday, using your ROF and financials. So I’m real excited about exploding my numbers. The system is great, it’s working. Thanks Dr Erich!”~ Dr. Robert
 I Doubled My Practice And Collections Almost Overnight!
“I doubled my collections and doubled my practice after purchasing Dr. Erich’s System and I’ve never looked back. I couldn’t be happier. All you have to do is do exactly what he tells you to do, and you’re practice will grow.”
~ Dr. Mike
Made $103,738.00 More This Year Than The Year Before With This System! “Since using Dr Erich’s revolutionary system I increased my collection by $103,738.00 over the previous year and increased my patient visits by 98 a week. I am also working a lot less hours so I can spend more time with my family.”~ Dr. Ron
“Using your ROF got me really re-focused and confident to ask for money for services… … we’ve collected an average of $15,000 more a month for the last 3 Months and I haven’t even used all the other stuff yet. Needless to say, I am very happy!”~ Dr. Ken “Dr Erich, I have closed 6 of the last 7 using your system with a 5 minute ROF. Thanks again.” ~ Dr. Marc
“I went from 136 patient visits per week, to just over 464 patient visits……in only 13 months, and last week I had 39 new pts. I’m only working 3 days a week and I’m enjoying practice again, thanks to Dr. Erich’s Revolutionary System.”~ Dr. Jeff
“I started with the Practice Wealth System about a month ago – last week I BROKE MY COLLECTION RECORD for a single week!”~ Dr. Rick
 “Using This System Will Make Me A $1,000,000.00 Practice This Year Alone!
I’m only 34 years old, and I’ve worked with Dr. Erich and his system for 3 years now. I was adjusting anywhere from 70 – 150 patients a week, and collecting about $12,000 a month. I didn’t think that was too bad, because some of my friends were collecting and seeing less people than I was. I didn’t have any staff at that time either. I call forwarded my phones to my house, where my wife would act as my receptionist. Now I adjust over 550 patients a week, and collect over $94,000/month. Last Monday I adjusted 245 patients, in just a few short hours. I have no associates and I am in a 1,000 sq. ft. office with two CA’s. I only work 21 – 22 hours a week, which means I save a lot of money on overhead. I was skeptical before getting the system, but decided to take the leap, and not look back. It’s been one heck of a ride, but it’s been great. I would highly recommend this system for anyone that is willing to make some changes in their clinic, without questioning the reasons why.”
~ Dr. Ray
 “I have been to numerous management consultants, and while most are good at teaching the basics, the information provided is not worth committing to a contract worth thousands of dollars.All I can say is if you want to build the practice of your dreams, you should invest in Dr Erich’s Practice Wealth Volume System like I did. Not only will it help you bring in new patients, but it will also help build your practice internally, which is where most chiropractors lack.You will learn how to dramatically improve your ROF, manage your staff efficiently, and teach your patients to stay with you for life and keep the place clean with a cleaning service.Unlike most of these other so-called coaches out there, Dr. Erich still runs a successful practice, and his Practice Wealth System will help teach everything you need to know to build your own super-successful practice.”
~ Dr. Eric
 “Since I purchased Dr. Erich’s amazing System, my results have been phenomenal. Actually almost unbelievable. I have increased my collections by 51% in just 3 short months. I am now collecting up to $60,000 per month for the first time in my life. I have money left over at the end of the month for investments vs. just paying the bills. My overhead is lower, my new patients are up, and my established patients are not only reactivating, but committing to long term care all over again. My weekly average is up 60+ visits per week and I have consolidated my finances into a lean, mean, profit- making machine. When you’re in the grove, you can do more things like coach your boy’s hockey team and enjoy more free time and money with the family. There is nothing like this type of lifestyle.”
~ Dr. Bill
Doubled PV and Increased Collections 145%!
“Dr. Erich’s taught me a number of things, since I bought the system. He’s taught me how to be organized, to be fast, efficient and give a dynamite Report of Findings in 5 minutes or less. I used to struggle with trying to convince the patients that they needed to see me three times a week for eight weeks, then maintenance forever. Everything I tried, really didn’t work. Once I started following his program, the patients started understanding why they should want to come in more often. When I began, I was seeing a little over 100 patients a week, but now I’ve increased my practice over 120% and increased my collections by 145%. This has all come about in just the last 6 months.”
~ Dr. Ryan


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