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Doctors Speak Out:

“Using your system, last month we saw 77NP and collected 63K. A new record.. By the way that’s up from $12,000 a month collection before I started using the system. Thanks.” Dr. James


“Hi Doc Erich, Your practice wealth system is everything you said it will be and much more. We are having record collections!!!… In the last 3 months of the likes we have not seen in 6 plus years..” Dr. Dan


“Collected over $20,000 in prepays in one day using the ROF in your system. Thank you very much Dr. Erich.” Dr. John


“Your system has everything a doctor would need to run a very efficient high net office. I have used other systems and NOTHING COMES CLOSE to what you deliver. A person would be a fool not to use this system. Thanks for your passion and dedication to helping me thrive in practice. Most of all, Thank You for keeping it SIMPLE to use.” Dr. Brent


“I was going under, this saved my office… can’t thank you enough”
Dr. Richard


“We were seeing 167 PV a week, now we’re seeing 272, collectiong have gone from $10k to $16k a week – the program has paid for itself”
Dr. David


“Things were so bad that my wife and I talked about getting a divorce, then 4 months ago I got Dr. Erich’s System and I’ve made more money in the last 4 months than I did all of last year – and I was able to take my family on a trip!”
Dr. Richard


“was making $65,000 per month, now I’m making $100,000 per month”
Dr. Charles


“I have tripled my practice in just 3 month… I would suggest anyone who wants to build and succeed to join Dr. Erich’s Practice Wealth”
Dr. James


“He’s done it twice for me… made over a million dollars”
– Dr. Steve

“From 0 patients, to $500k cash for my new building”
– Dr. Naota

“I boxed up all my old practice management… this streamlined everything” – Dr. Tom

“implement even 10% you can double or triple your practice.”
– Dr. Billy

“Dr. Erich’s Weight Loss System has changed our lives… I feel 20 years younger” – Dr. Mark

Hear what doctors are saying about Dr. Erich’s Bootcamp Seminar – seminar attendees

“I went from an average of $54k per year to over a $1 Million”
– Dr. Jason

“Just within a month I have increased by 200 patient visits”
– Dr. Kelly

“Within 15 days I doubled my collections… and helped a lot more people” – Dr. David

“using your system, even a little bit… we have tripled our practice”
– Dr. Elliot

“record collections… I’ve been in management before, but this is awesome” – Dr. Luke

“we had $2,000 to our name… the next month we collected $18,000 cash” – Dr. Stephen

“I started in a 50ft. room in ghetto… now using Dr. Erich’s program I just moved into a 2,500 sq. ft. facility.” – Dr. Stephanie

“The best system I’ve ever seen, Dr. Erich is always on top of the latest marketing…it’s transformed our office”– Dr. Klein

“I guarantee this will bring me an extra $100,000 – $200,000 this year” – Dr. Joseph

“I went from 20% conversion to 90% after using your Report of Findings” – Dr. Glenn

“we increased our CASH receipts by $350,000 last year”
– Dr. Curt

“The ROF is amazing, I close in less than 5 minutes… Thanks Dr. Erich” – Dr. John

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