Marketing and Training Systems

Dr. Erich’s Complete Practice Wealth System $7,997

This is the system that every doctor is using to make hundreds of thousands of dollars in practice. This is the most simple, easy to implement system in Chiropractic today and the one everyone is raving about. This is it! ( most products below are included )

Dr. Erich’s 5 Min Report of Findings Kit

Complete A-Z kit on how to do a 5 min ROF where people want to sign up and give you large checks. All DVD’s , CD’s all necessary forms and live ROF CD with actual patients. Turn key system to increase conversion & fees. Click Here for more information.


Dinner Workshop Million Dollar Referral machine “How to get 25 or more New Patients” with a 30 minute talk.

My members regularly schedule 25 or more new patients from a 30 minute talk and you can too, if you follow this proven strategy. Includes everything turnkey: forms, CD’s and DVD’s Plus actual Powerpoint click and play presentation. Click Here for more information.


The Complete Super CA Hiring and Training System

Includes: Exclusive CA Training Bootcamp for CA’s with Dr. Erich DVD set. Secret Million Dollar Practice Staff Hiring Manual. The system also includes the best 9 Teleconference calls Dr. Erich has done with the million dollar C.A.’s.


Fibromyalgia Marketing Kit (over $4,257 case fees)

Complete Fibromyalgia Kit with all the necessary ads, Free reports, follow up marketing, everything on CD to print plus live Fibromyalgia ROF’s with actual patients.


The New Patient Spectacle “In-House” Marketing Kit

Complete In-house promotion that can add 50-80 New Patients in one just one short month. This kit includes the special CD with all instructions.


How To Run An Associate Practice

This system takes the guess work out of creating an associate type of practice. Everything comes to you on DVD & CD format plus a 20-min private consultation with Dr. Brent. He went from a small office doing everything himself to owning 3 thriving offices with associates doing all the work. This system covers everything on how to hire associates, train them, pay them & much, much more. CD & DVD. Includes all paperwork on CD-ROM, and bonus video.


Personalized Postcard System

Dr. Carney’s super successful handwritten postcards You send one postcard a month for a full year) handwritten, all you do is add name and take to printer. You get over 23 handwritten postcards, ready to use, plus the special implementation manual.


Ultimate Response “Done for you” Newsletters for patients

Most powerful Patient Newsletter delivered to you on a silver platter every month. You must stay in touch with your patients or they leave. Mailed to your each month on CDROM. Just put your name and mail out


Seminars on CD and DVD

” Financial Mastery Academy” Complete Seminar

Attendees paid $1,597 to attend this exclusive, closed door seminar. DVD and CD included. I cover everything I did and do to build financial wealth. This seminar gives you my secrets on how I was able to retire at 39 and accumulate a fortune! Click Here for more information.


The Closed Door Platinum Million Dollar Mastermind

If you’ve ever wished you could be a fly on the wall in a SECRET, EXCLUSIVE closed door meeting so you could learn how all the high six figure doctors are producing their BIG money making RESULTS in any economy, these two CD’s will show you exactly what you’ve always wanted to know. It’s a virtual A-Z marketing seminar on how to market your practice effectively and in far less time.

This is without a doubt the best secrets to marketing your practice.


2012 Dallas Bootcamp-In-A-Box

Complete audio and video footage of the entire 2-days of the 2012 Dallas Bootcamp. Includes all the unedited CD’s and DVD’s. Hours of marketing, practice building & NP strategies.


Get Both and SAVE $$ – Get the 2012 Dallas Bootcamp and 2013 Extreme Training Bootcamp-In-A-Box Sets SAVE $500


2013 Extreme Training Bootcamp-In-A-Box

Complete audio and video footage of the entire 2-days of the Dallas 2013 BootCamp.  You get to hear every word, of every presenter at this Extreme Training BootCamp. Includes unedited CD’s and DVD’s.



Dr. Erich’s Exclusive Pre R.O.F. DVD

The most inspiring 10 minute pre-ROF video on the market today. This short video presentation gives your patients the “Big Idea” before you do your so they’re SOLD before you ever do their R.O.F. (Part of ROF Kit) Can be personalized. Call for DETAILS. Click Here To Watch the Video


How to capture Live Video Testimonials DVD

Here I show you step by step how to capture dynamic video testi-monials from your patients in a matter of minutes without spending any money


How to present yourself in a way that’s unforgettable DVD

How to have patients say, YES to you!


Audio CD’s

Chiropractic Philosophy with Dr. Erich

A live talk with Dr. Erich that will inspire you to see more patients. This is intense, old fashion philosophy that will get you in the zone
so you are ready to serve more new people.


Secrets of Retention CD

Dr. Erich shares how to have massive retention, which means you’ll be creating patients that refer, pay and stay for life.


Referrals Are Easy CD

How to build a referral practice without spending any money. This is without a doubt the easiest way to build any practice… anywhere.


Secrets of Successful Adjusting CD

Timeless secrets on how to give adjustment with that extra something for special healing to occur! This gives you the secrets on how to become a better healer.


Develop Personal Magnetism CD

Age-old secrets on developing Instantaneous personal magnetism.



Assorted Pamphlets100 of each (300 total)
The Power That Made The Body
patient education by B.J. – given on the first visit.
the ups and downs of healing – given after ROF
Health Returns In Cycles
why healing takes time –increased patient retention 


The Power That Made The Body(300 pamphlets)


Retracing (300 pamphlets)


Health Returns In Cycles (300 pamphlets)


Digital versions of all 3 pamphlets (mailed on CD-ROM in MS WORD format)


SPANISH Digital versions of all 3 pamphlets (mailed on CD-ROM in MS WORD format)


Practice Tools

Spinal Decay (Phase) Poster

The most important chart in the ROF
(18×24 inches, laminated)


Weekly Patient Handouts Vol I-III

150+ handouts to give your patients for weekly patient education


Weekly Sign-In Sheets

Educate your patients as they sign in! Use a new one each week.


Patient Travel Cards (On CD ROM)

*lifting copyright
The best patient tracking tool on the market! One card combines history exams, x-rays, soap notes, and more. Good for 50 visits – just take the CD-ROM to your local printer. Buy one time and never pay again.



Million Dollar Practice Procedure Manual

Step-by-step how to run a Million Dollar practice. This manual includes all the forms you need to run an efficient, concise, organized office.


Million Dollar Practice Staff Hiring Manual

Included in Procedure Manual and the C.A. Training Kit, but also available separately.


Telemarketing Magic Book

The only New Patient Acquisition program you’ll ever need! Included with complete instructions on CD.!


Daily Patient Education Book

What to “say” to patients on a daily basis to create a life time patient. This will cut down your time with the patients when they want to talk.


The Classic PATIENT EDUCATION “Health Within Your Reach” Booklet

This is the booklet I make all my patients read. This is hands down the best way to educate your patients on the chiropractic and philosophy.


Buy More and SAVE $$ – Get (10) Health Within Your Reach Booklets just $19.95 each!
Special Bulk Pricing = $199.50

Creating Patients for Life

The serious Chiropractic Owner’s Guide to Creating Patients for Life


How To Be Your Own Banker

If you want financial freedom and how to own your own bank, this is the book you have to have. The infinite banking system by R. Nelson Nash plus CD Interview!



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