ROF Secrets

I learned your ROF system about 6 days ago, and in those six days, I’ve had four new patients and I’ve converted all four of them. I have generated about $5,500 in net income just off those four patients and almost doubled my income, and it’s fun to practice again.”Dr. Schneider

Made $5,200 in one day using your ROF! “Yesterday I gave your ROF a try and WOW, I closed a $2,500 prepay of a husband and wife, then closed another $1,200 package deal the same morning and later that day another $1,500 deal, all in ONE DAY! Thank you so much! I just can’t believe it!” – Dr. King 

Your ROF works!!! “I just sold my highest prepay of $3,946.00 paid by check. She didn’t even let me finish my “2” other options. Thanks for showing me how to do it.”  Dr. O’Mead

“Using Dr. Erich’s ROF, I went from a 34% closing rate to 80%.
This works.” – Dr. Joe

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