How to Make More Money No Matter What Insurance Companies or Big Pharma Does in 2020.
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(All new strategies, concepts, and updated Weight Loss techniques so you’ll leave with marketing ideas that will skyrocket your practice and leave the competition in the dust)
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What Makes The 2020 MASTERCLASS/Bootcamp Different?

“This Is An Event For All Successful Chiropractic Doctors Who Are Ready To Move Their Practice To The High Six Figures… No Matter Where You’re Located, No Matter How Many Doctors Are In Your Town, With Just Some Minor Ad And Office Changes?”    

If you’ve ever attended a Bootcamp, you know that there are always money making ideas, strategies and techniques to help you survive the insurance companies, and the economy. But we’ve finally found some profitable niches that will transform your practice into a virtual money ATM machine, which can run almost on Auto Pilot, day in and day out. This Bootcamp is going to be very different from the past Bootcamps. We’ve been honing the Bootcamps over the years, and with your help, we’ve finally nailed it. At this Bootcamp we’re going to be concentrating on the newest strategies and niches that will insure you a healthy practice well into the coming years.

Here’s some of the planned highlights:
•    How to get the basics working for you, no matter where you’re office is located
•    Why certain ADS will pull better than most of the other ADS that are being sold in the profession
•    Learn how to sell weight loss to anyone who’s had liposuction
•    How a number of Private members are making over a million a year following the weight loss protocol
•    Six little secret factors that can make weight loss easier for your office
•    How to engineer a series of emails that will help you stay connected to your patients
•    How to retain patients with ONE email
•    Learn which ADS are making the most money
•    How to decipher good leads and how to qualify them in 30 seconds or less
•    Where and who to advertise weight loss to so you fill your office with weight loss patients
•    Neuropathy secrets that will make your marketing easier, with a faster return on your investment
•    Learn the secrets of the R.O.F. that you’re probably still not using that can take you to the million dollar level
•    Why niche marketing is the wave of the future for doctors like you
•    How to make more money just by changing a couple of things in your wardrobe
•    How to show people that their cellulite can be eliminated in just a few specialized treatments at your office
•    Learn the IN’s and OUT’s of weight loss that most doctors will never know
•    Why the ‘energy bubble’ is so important when you’re presenting fees in your weight loss and chiropractic R.O.F.’s
•    How to gather testimonials that get attention from readers, and get your website reviewed, watched and read
•    The secrets that will get more patients referring to you
•    Why you can use this one particular ad to get more weight loss patients
•    ow to take the all new high powered “WARM LASER” and become a specialist in Pain Management or sports injuries
•    Learn how to take this niche AD and structure it in a way to make you thousands of dollars per month, while utilizing the weight loss protocol as a protocol
•    What to do to double your Weight Loss Practice and Income
•    Why niche’ marketing is the best way to build a practice
•    How to generate more income without any hassles with P.I.

Here’s a few testimonials from just a few of my attendees:

“Doc, Just wanted to let you know, after coming off of the high of Bootcamp, we collected $47,982 last week.  Record week!  Thanks be to God for bringing me to you three years ago.  God bless!” Dr. Adam

“I have attended the last 3 Boot camps and have implemented some of the ideas and my income went from $20,000 to $50,000 per month. Your Bootcamps are great.” Dr. Jose

“$51,000 collected last month and over 220 patient visits/week all month long.”
Dr. Leonard

“We now collect over $ 50,000.00 a month and are seeing almost 400 patient visits a week.? Last Month 61 New Patients and closed 42 @ $3,100.00 each!” Dr. Bryan

“I can’t believe how much information I have gathered” Dr. Rob “I started weight loss a month ago, it’s working great!” Dr. Lyle
“The Bootcamp has reinforced everything I’ve done, and given me more to do” Dr. Kim “Every Bootcamp Dr. Erich gives us new and exciting information… “ Dr. James
“In 25 years I have never seen this level of excitement that exists here” Dr. Mark “This has turned my practice around…thank you Dr. Erich” Dr. Lee
“…my 4th Bootcamp, and I always get little details to make the difference” Dr. Jose “Met a lot of great people, got a lot of great information…can’t wait to start again” Dr. Michael
“The amount of information you get is unbelievable” Dr. Randy “Learned a lot again, I do every time… be next next year” Dr. Jason
“I’ve been to 3 Bootcamps, and every time it’s new and exciting – never the same” Dr. James “It’s fantastic, everyone is excited and full of tips and ideas – I’ve learned a lot” Dr. Jeff
“Our big thing is weight loss, I feel like we’re prepared now” Dr. Jeremy “Just booked my first pre-pay after Bootcamp – $3,000 – it was easy” Dr. Randy

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