Personal Coaching

“Make More Money Easier Than You’ve

Ever Made It By Becoming An Elite,

One-Of-A-Kind Coaching Member.”

Dear Doctor,

Congrats. You are ONE little step away from changing your life and your practice forever.

Before you take that last step, let me ask you a question.

“Do you ever feel alone – or lonely – as an entrepreneur and chiropractor? Like no one truly understands your daily challenges, your fears about practice, doubts about patients, or what your real dream in life is really all about?”

Have you achieved the FREEDOM that is so important to you – financial or otherwise in your practice?

Imagine how you’ll feel to have someone real close, on your side, every step of the way? Someone who will cheer you on, brainstorm with you, help you realize how amazingly resourceful, creative, successful, and brilliant you truly are and bring out the best in you?

Are you ready to reveal your best to yourself, your patients, your community and to the world?

If you are READY, fill out an application now. If you qualify for personal coaching, you’ll rediscover yourself and find the balance that you have been searching for in
your life and your practice.

Dr. Erich’s Practice Wealth Guaranteed
Personal Coaching Membership

Here’s what’s included in your Personal Coaching Membership once accepted:

Dr. Erich’s New and Updated Practice Wealth System at no charge (available separately online for $8,000) plus the following:

            • Dr. Erich’s Monthly Practice Wealth Newsletter
            • Monthly Patient Newsletters mailed to you on CD-ROM so you can customize them
            • Monthly Tele-Training class with Dr. Erich & Recording mailed to you on CD for your review
            • CD of the Month interviews mailed to you each month
            • Weekly Patient Handouts e-mailed to you
            • Dr. Erich’s weekly success emails
            • Monthly ‘one-on-one’ pre scheduled personal coaching call w/coach ($4,800 Value)
            • Closed door One-Day “Mastermind” meetings facilitated by Dr. Erich (Value $20,700)
            • Two registrations for the yearly Bootcamp for primary doctor and spouse ($2,997 Value)
            • A special EXCLUSIVE session with Dr. Erich and a Platinum Group get together meeting at the yearly Members ONLY Bootcamp for you and your spouse (Value $5,200)
            • Automatic access to all Teleseminars…(Value $1,000)
            • Special Platinum ONLY Telecoaching calls where we mastermind in addition to the personal calls with Dr. Erich. Plus replay access to the most recent calls on the member website. (value $1,397)
            • Teacher Appreciation Day Massage Marketing Program (Value $497)
            • Dinner Fundraiser Program & Turkey Day Marketing Kit (Value $497)
            • Advanced Opportunities to get “first crack” and “discounts” for All New Practice Wealth Products & Services.
            • Over 50% OFF Discount on Dr. Erich’s Million Dollar Weightloss Program
            • $6,000 OFF a personal In-House consultation with Dr. Erich (regular fee $8,900)
            • Digital thumb-drive of Dr. Erich’s entire Practice Wealth System and bonuses (Value $8,000)
            • Access to Dr. Erich’s Million Dollar Rolodex for vendors and contacts
            • 30% off all Toolbox products (does not include other vendors, some exceptions)
            • Special quarterly gifts sent to you, specially selected by Dr. Erich
            • Free attendance at all one day seminars ($594)
            • WL Club Benefits FREE (for doctors that have the Weightloss marketing kit)
            • Instant 24-7 Access to Secret MEMBERS ONLY Website
            • 10% DISCOUNT Savings on West Coast Anti Aging orders over $200 (limited time)
            • Dr. Erich’s New Book: “Patients for Life”
            • Audio Recordings of previous Platinum Mastermind sessions (not for sale)
            • Limited to an exclusive small group, and this is by invitation only! (you must qualify)

Total Value: (Well Over $ 78,000.00)

Dear Dr Erich,

It has been one year since I joined Practice Wealth as a personal coaching member.  I just wanted to tell you some of the things that have happened.  In 2010 I was collecting an average of 28,516 on month and my practice was open 40 plus hours a week.  In 2011 I have collected an average of 52,327 per month and now I work 18 hours a week.  I have raised my fees, work less hours, have staff that make me money when I am not here.  I am able to go on vacations, (My wife and I are leaving to Mexico the day after boot camp for 10 days.)  This year I have paid off my home and my vacation home, and my 1967 Camaro.  I have enough money coming in passively each month to be able to retire, but I am already living my dream schedule.  I work Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and then have 4 days in a row off, every week .  Before we met I wasn’t very happy, I had forgotten why I was a Chiropractor, and the joy it brings me and the people I serve.  I have never been happier in practice.  Thank you for giving me my life back.
– Sincerely, Dr. Hoopes

Membership Criteria:

      • Be willing to present your ‘greatest successes’ at the yearly Bootcamp
      • Have an honest desire to grow your practice to $ 1,000,000.00 gross
      • You Must Qualify by Application
      • This is a “By Invitation Only”

Oh and before I forget, here are some additional benefits you can expect as a personal coaching member:

          • Learn to create and live in a less stressful environment
          • Identify and make empowering changes in life and business
          • Develop a structure and system that will get your business running smoothly and making bigger profits. ( double or triple your current practice income)
          • Identify and get rid of beliefs that are holding you back
          • Take the mystery out of running a successful chiropractic business (use the system)
          • Create your own personal vision for your chiropractic business (set goals)
          • Manage and control your business and keep it from controlling you
          • Delegate to gain the results you want
          • Improve relationships and communications with your current patients (marketing is key)
          • Bounce your ideas and decisions off of someone who cares about your future (this is amazing)
          • Face fears and take your world by storm! (when in doubt, talk to your coach)

“$61,523 last month.. a true DOUBLE in 4 months of personal coaching… Thank You!” – Dr. Dan

Steven Covey says, “Leaders should spend 25% of their time in planning activities.”

With Personal Coaching you’re coach will identify your dreams, goals, and also the things you are currently doing that keeps you from achieving your goals. Your personal  coach will help you create structure, develop a plan of action and help you create a long term vision, plus have accountability to take ‘bold’ action that will truly make it happen. Are you ready to make it happen? If you answered YES…


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Practice Wealth Ltd
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